2 Triggered Grip Package

825.00 (plus 8% tax on NYS sales)

Add (1) Arri Style Rosette to sphere - $35.00



The 2 Triggered Black Walnut hand grip is a right sided palm relief handle. I comes with (2) triggers, Hirose 4 pin connector, and Arri rosette.  For use with the CAMEO LANC cable.  With this cable cable you can stop and start the camera and trigger the cameras assignable F4 function.   Works on SONY, CANON and JVC LANC enabled cameras.  Great for focus assist.  Includes M6 wing nut bolt.  The package option includes the 15/15 bracket which places the grip at a 15 degree angle allowing the wrist to rest in a neutral relaxed position.  The package is finished off with a hand turned sphere in the same wood. The sphere rests in the palm of your hand giving you access to the lens with your free fingers.


Grips come with an all natural unbleached Duck Cloth Bag which protects and buffs your ergocine wooden grip and sphere. Please note that the sphere does not have a rosette.  A solid connection is made when the teeth of the bracket's rosette bite into the wood.



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