ergocine Grip Bell Rocker

Intro price - $900.00

(15/15 Bracket sold separately.)

The Bell Rocker Grip is right handed Aaton style grip.  Body and rocker in Black Walnut.  Canon and Fujinon remote control through lens servo.  Pressure-sensitive self centering zoom rocker.  Limiter knob for setting maximum speed.  Stop and Start Trigger.  RET Trigger.  Comes with pig tail end in a 8 pin connector, use adapter to go to 12 or 20pin Canon or Fujicon.  Grip uses full size Arri rosettes and custom M6 lock down screw.


Adapters available from G-Zoom.





Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.



-Will the rocker be able to “feather” like an on-lens servo? Or is it more of an on/off like many of my other on-board motors?

-Yes it is like the rocker on the lens where you can finely control the zoom speed.


 -Is there a 20 pin avail?

-A 8 pin is how is shipping now but a 20 pin will be available in the near future.


-Wonder if they plan to support the Crosziel Fujinon MK servo? Maybe a LANC turnaround cable? Would be nice for those that got the duclos mod for the Fujinon MK lens to mount into a Sony F5/55 FZ.

-A LANC version of the grip is coming very soon. The challenge is how to get a zoom rocker to work on a contoured 3D grip. The wiring is not overly complicated. On a small scale it is something that I can produce now.



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