Remote Start/Stop DSLR Cables
Remote Start/Stop PRO Cables

CAMEO duel LANC cable



Universal LANC Cable



RED Cable


RED Cable Direct



F55 Cable


Arri Alexa Cable


Arri Amira


Arri Alexa  Mini


GH Cable


Canon 5D III

With this cable you can stop and start the camera and trigger the cameras assignable F4 function.   Works on SONY, CANON and JVC LANC enabled cameras.  Great for focus assist.


C100, C300, C500, FS 700, FS 100, all Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and more. / length 21" - INSTRUCTIONS


RED Epic and Scarlet, requires time code / genlock / trigger brake out.  / length 21"

                                     RED          Wooden Camera

RED Epic and Scarlet, plug directly into SYNC port (RED 4 Pin 00B Lemo), no brake out  required.  / length 26"


F5 and F55 to RA Hirose / Length 30"


Fischer 3 pin to RA Hirose / Length 26"


Fisher 3 pin to RA Hirose / Length 10"


Lemo 7 pin to RA Hirose / Length 26"


/ Length 21"


/ Length 24"


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