Lion R2+

$1200.00 (plus 8% tax on NYS sales)



Inspired by Jean-Pierre Beauviala's design for the Aaton the quintessential hand-held film camera. The Lion R2 reintroduces that human friendly form to hand-held camera rigs.  Now with finger relief cut out on the handle.


The Lion body is made with Black Walnut and 6061 black anodized aluminum.  ᅠThe nose assembly holds a 15mm rod mount, and hight adjustable to six positions.  Cheese Plate in black anodized ᅠ6061ᅠaluminumᅠwith (12) 1" spaced 1/4 - 20 holes. ᅠThe body has another (5) 1/4 - mounting points, one at the tip of the handle and four on top.  First two 1/4-20 holes on handle spaced at 2" to accommodate the Solid Camera dovetail for their EVF mounting bracket.!viewfinder-support/c31j


You can also mount the C 300 & 500 Monitor off the nose on a cold shoe adapter I suggest the Pearstone Accessory shoe adaptor w/ 1/4 - 20 stud.


1.5" x 1" channels run through the body on the X and Y axis intersecting at a access port in the plate allowing accessᅠ into the Lions' body. Behind theᅠ cheeseᅠplate is a removable counter weightᅠapproximatelyᅠ1 1/2 pd.  The shoulder cut out has a high density and memory foam pad, leather in one side and Velcro on the other.



Body Black Walnut with 6061 Aluminum anodized cheese plate in black.


Weight - 3.5 lb , 1600g


External - H 9.5" (245 mm) x W 3.53" (90 mm) x D 13.5" (340 mm)


Internal Bottom of "L" - H 7.1" (181 mm) x W 3.52" (90 mm) x  D (to start of rods) 1" (25.4 mm)


Internal top of "L" before curve - H 4.44" (113 mm) x W 3.52" (90 mm) x D (to start of rods) 3" (127 mm)


Internal top of "L" to access port - H 4.44" to 0" (113 to 0 mm) x W 3.52" (90 mm) x D (to start of rods) 5" (50 mm)


Removable Weight - 1.6 lb , 720g



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